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Stacey’s At The Gap Christmas 2019 Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everyone

Where has the year gone?? We haven’t stopped all year it seems and next year looks busier than 2019.

We have two new workshop weekends added to the 2020 calendar, Little Moo Designs have teamed up with Sew Quirky to bring some fun projects to the masses! One workshop is in March (sorry all sold out!) and the other workshop is in October (still some places available).

Each workshop will have different unreleased patterns for the weekends and lots of other fun and laughs planned as well… check out the Quirky Moo Workshop details

Don’t forget we still have Kylie from Little Moo Designs doing the Bag Making 101 workshops in August, there are still positions available for August 8 & 9.

Skills Building Workshops

We are also in discussions with two other tutors and looking to bring a couple more skill building workshops to Stacey’s. If you are interested in “Free Motion Quilting on a domestic machine” give us a call because we are finalising a date (probably around July) with an amazing young fellow who is extremely skilled in this area and has such a passion for this particular part of quilting.


So many of you were aware of our recent fire event right on our doorstep. We’re pleased to report that no buildings were lost and we are safe as well. However we did lose fences and some precious feed for the cattle. We will carry on and pray for rain! Let’s hope the prediction for Christmas day comes true.

The devastation caused in the surrounding National Park and within our own property is quite confronting. And, although the fire is not active at present there are still a lot of smouldering trees and logs within the black zone which must still be monitored for some months to come.

As we continue to watch the devastating situation in NSW my heart goes out to all those impacted, those who have had to evacuate and those on the fire ground. It is THE most stressful situation. You are in a constant limbo while running on overdrive where you don’t sleep properly, you don’t eat properly, while trying to continue to maintain daily routines in an attempt to stay sane!!!! PLEASE send positive thoughts and prayers to ALL fire affected people whether they be in NSW, QLD or anywhere!

Grandson’s First Christmas

Onto a brighter note: Our precious grandson approaches his first Christmas and then soon after his first birthday. This special little cherub has brightened our lives immensely and we can’t wait to share these milestones with him.

We have been doing a bit of landscaping which will have some planting done when we return from Longreach after Christmas…. can’t wait to see it come together. Our painter hopes to start in March (fingers crossed), initially he will tackle the roof of each building…. (again) can’t wait to see this project start! 2020 the year to see some changes, BRING IT ON.

We wish you all a fabulous Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2020.

Stacey’s At The Gap - December, 2019

Please Contact us for further information regarding these workshops and events.


Resource: Printed: 2020-02-20
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